The effect and role of black sesame, and the nutritional value

Black sesame effectiveness:
Good for liver and kidney, and energy and blood, moisten dry intestine. For dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss, premature graying, hair loss, illness, intestinal dry constipation.

The role of black sesame seeds:
1. Hypoglycemic effect: to reduce blood sugar, increase in liver and muscle glycogen content, but the dose was reduced glycogen content.
2. ACTH effect: increase in adrenal ascorbic acid content.
3. Anti-inflammatory effect: a sterile sesame oil coated skin and mucosa, with ease to stimulate and promote the role of inflammation in recovery.
4. Cardiovascular effects: black sesame in linoleic acid can reduce blood cholesterol levels, the role of prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease.

The nutritional value of black sesame:
1. Black sesame as a therapeutic product, good liver, kidney, blood, moistening, UFA, cosmetic effect, is an excellent health and beauty food;
2. Black sesame the magical effects, but also because it contains vitamin E ranks first in plant foods. Vitamin E can promote cell division and delay cell aging, eat or be offset by the decline of intracellular material “radicals” of accumulation, play a role in anti-aging and longevity;
3. Recent study found that black sesame seeds with lipid-lowering, anti-aging effects, and its therapeutic role has long been recognized, eat good;
4. Black sesame is rich in biotin, have the best effect for hair loss caused by body weakness, while the drug-induced hair loss, hair loss caused by certain diseases will have a certain effect.

Black sesame seeds contain a variety of essential amino acids in vitamin E, vitamin B1 in the role of participation, can accelerate the body’s metabolism; black sesame seeds – contain iron and vitamin E to prevent anemia, activation of brain cells, to eliminate an important component of blood cholesterol ; black sesame seeds contain mostly unsaturated fat, fatty acids, the role of longevity; black sesame seeds are contained in the composition of bile lecithin is one of, if the bile cholesterol and bile acid and lecithin imbalance, will be deposited to form gallstones, lecithin can be broken down, lower cholesterol, the lecithin can prevent gallstone formation. Modern medical research has confirmed that where the gallstone patients, bile lecithin content of certain deficiencies, eat black sesame seeds can help prevent and treat gallstones, as well as of brain longevity effect. Is indeed a common share and care in the elderly.

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Article: The effect and role of black sesame, and the nutritional value

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