The Dysmenorrhea how to do?

Among the female population, many people have suffered from dysmenorrhea experience some dysmenorrhea patients total holding bodily harm on the mentality of the past, there are serious patients need to rely on effective painkillers to ease the pain of their forbearance and toleranceis a great need for timely treatment.That there is no better dysmenorrhea treatment? Here we talk about girls dysmenorrhea how to do? You can refer to the following diet and healthcare to help you get rid of dysmenorrhea.

Large amounts of calcium in yogurt as well as milk, yogurt or milk, has a steady nerve to promote the role of the body electric ion balance, when women in the the uterine muscle is excessive contraction will cause pain. The treatment of dysmenorrhea more yogurt or milk, which can effectively alleviate menstrual pain.

Replenish the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium minerals, can help pain.The experts pointed out that the service calcareous women, less menstrual pain than not. The role of magnesium helps the body absorb calcium efficiently. Therefore, the treatment of dysmenorrhea attempt of premenstrual, to increase the calcium and magnesium intake.

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Article: The Dysmenorrhea how to do?

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