The best way for pregnant women calcium supplements is drink 200-400 grams of milk per day

Pregnancy is a special mother’s physiological adjustment process, a tiny fertilized egg, in about 280 days to grow into a 3000-3500 g weight fetus. Throughout the pregnancy, the mother needs to be stored for about 50 grams of calcium, which supplies 30 grams fetus. Such as inadequate calcium intake, calcium fetus needs, they will seize the mother from the mother’s bone and teeth, in order to meet the needs of growth, thus making maternal serum calcium decreased the occurrence of leg cramps or tetany.

However, due to the many factors that affect maternal calcium is absorbed. As some vegetables contain large amounts of oxalate, and calcium to form insoluble calcium oxalate affect calcium absorption; cereals in phytic acid is not conducive to the absorption of calcium; insoluble unsaponifiables excessive intake of fat, the formation will be reduced calcium absorption.

Therefore, nutrition experts say: The best way for pregnant women to drink calcium supplements is 200-400 grams of milk per day. Per 100 grams of milk about 120 milligrams of calcium, the calcium in milk is the most easily absorbed by pregnant women, and a variety of minerals phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and so on with very reasonable.

Bulletin boards can actually drink milk not only for maternal nutritional supplements but for the future development of the baby’s bones have great benefits. Scientific drink milk, the achievement of a good healthy baby!

Case column: McGill University nutritionist Kristen Kaw Chomsky and his colleagues conducted a study of more than 300 women. Most of these women between 19 to 45 years, in May 1997 to June 1999 period, they gave birth to children in three hospitals in Calgary, Canada, where 72 people drink less than a cup of milk a day.

Scientists have found that drinking a glass of milk and three cups of milk a day During Pregnancy, mothers, birth weight babies are very different. According to statistics, the pregnant mother to drink a glass of milk a day, the average birth weight of the child will be increased by 41 grams.

Southampton University scientists had previously found that the mother during pregnancy, but lack of vitamin D intake, the child’s bone development will be affected, but also easy to grow up suffering osteoporosis and increased risk of fracture.

And a glass of milk contains about 2.5 mg of vitamin D, this substance for fetal bone development and bone strengthening is important; in addition, a glass of milk also contains 50 milligrams of calcium, calcium mother needs to be transferred to the baby through the umbilical cord material, the same can increased infant skeletal development.

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Article: The best way for pregnant women calcium supplements is drink 200-400 grams of milk per day


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