The best time to conceive after marriage

Modern medicine, in the etiology of birth defects, genetic factors accounted for 25%, environmental factors account for about 10%, more defects occurred in the complex genetic and environmental interaction of two factors. Therefore, in order to reduce birth defects, eliminate unfavorable eugenics factors couples of childbearing age should be aware of genetic factors and environmental pollution on fetal effects and hazards, active premarital and preconception counseling, master eugenics scientific knowledge, to avoid harmful at work and in life factors, the positive control and eliminate the adverse factors that induce birth defects, to avoid birth defects.

Pregnancy before the couple deal with their own physical condition, mental preparation, and social-like wish to have sufficient understanding, fully prepared childbirth. Under normal circumstances, the best age is 2-3 years after the birth of the young couple to get married. This will not only help control population growth, families and individuals, but also can have a buffer of time after marriage, the couple is more conducive to health, work and study in the economic and energy that does not mean too much tension. Physiology of female genital mutilation usually after the age of 20 only gradually mature, skeletal maturity until around 23 years old, as in immature bone before pregnancy, the mother will compete with each other nutrients, thus affecting the mother’s bone development. And once maternal age over 35 years old, the incidence of dystocia or birth defects will appear when the relative increase fertility. Thus, married couples must have a plan, choose the best child-bearing age.

Secondly, you should choose the appropriate time to conceive. Timing of pregnancy must first consider the couple’s physical health, it is best to arrange the pregnancy is not in work or study tense period, with particular attention to pregnant before work or living environment, whether in contact with substances harmful to the fetus, such as radiation, lead, and hazardous substances should be isolated for some time to conceive. Such as the pill, you should stop taking the drug, six months after conception is appropriate.

Moreover, the choice of the season. Things spring update, the couple full of energy, fine egg development better, within three months after the pregnancy is the period of fetal brain and nervous system forms, it is the season of autumn, bringing pleasure to pregnant women spiritually, varied more fruits and vegetables to provide a wealth of nutrition for pregnant women choose to create favorable conditions for the development of the fetus. Instead, Dongmochunchu various viral diseases (rubella, influenza, mumps, etc.) occur in the season, once the infection in pregnant women, it is likely to cause fetal malformations, and winter pregnancy, childbirth was summer, hot weather will pregnant women and infants living inconvenient.

In addition, the economic situation of the family is also one of the issues before pregnancy should be considered the best in the family had some savings before planning a pregnancy.

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Article: The best time to conceive after marriage


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