The Best Beauty Food for Women in Spring

Of natural beauty moisturizers. The composition of substances in the body, the water content of the largest, accounting for about two-thirds of body weight. If the body weight of up to 20% water loss, life will not be able to maintain, even if the loss of 2%, would interfere with the normal physiological function, over time, it will speed up the process of human aging. Drinking water make the skin cells of the organization and flexible enough to allow the skin delicate, moist and reduce the brown fat and wrinkles. In particular, people from old age, reduction in sex hormone secretion, lack of oil secretion, the skin more easily lose water, so they should develop good drinking habits. According to scientists, projected, adult day water requirement for the 3000 – 3500 ml, except from the diet and their own metabolism of about 1500 ml, but also to be added 1500 – 2000 ml. Early morning, before going to bed will drink a glass of water, drinking water is not only beauty, but also lose weight. Consume more calories drinking cold water, the effect is more significant.

Pig skin, pig’s trotters, pigtail, the rich macromolecules collagen and elastin, the “” reputation. Collagen protein can promote skin cells to absorb and store water to prevent wrinkling of skin shriveled, their rich, full, flat smooth; elastin allows the skin blood circulation and strong, the supply of adequate nutrition, and enhance skin elasticity and resilience, so that the skin wrinkles shallow or disappeared.

Walnuts, pine nuts, stick, peanuts, sesame seeds and other nuts, the rich in vitamin E, this is an effective anti-oxidants, unsaturated fatty acids in the body to prevent excessive oxidation of the skin to prevent premature senile plaques, but also effectively prevent Su-brown deposition in the skin to prevent the emergence brown facial markings, patches; vitamin E also has to promote cell division, regeneration, slow down cell aging and restore skin elasticity role; nuts contain a variety of amino acids, vitamins A, D , K and iron, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, etc., for promoting hair, nail growth, prevent hair loss, premature gray hair and prevent dry, rough skin, premature aging all have a great effect.

Contains a lot of vitamin C, it is an effective anti-oxidants, not only to maintain the skin elasticity, but also inhibit the formation of melanin and block the skin. Melanocytes in the skin more color to black. Usually rich in vitamin C, eat some fresh vegetables, fruit, eat less salt, can calm pigmentation spots diminish or disappear.

Are rich in iron, you can control iron-deficiency anemia, makes a beautiful rosy skin color and can control iron-deficiency alopecia; are rich in iodine, can control “rough neck” disease, but also promote the metabolism, so that the update rate of human tissue accelerated, people look young and refreshed.

Contains a substance similar to estrogen and vitamin E, eat right to keep their skin and delicate, there are anti-aging effects; also contains a lot of sticky protein that can promote health, prevent fatigue, the role of energetic people. Sweet potato also contains a lot of cellulose, can inhibit the sugars into fat, is an ideal slimming food.

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Article: The Best Beauty Food for Women in Spring

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