The bad stomach how to care?

Gastrointestinal disease is not uncommon for modern people, many people will not pay attention to eating habits, after all, many people have gastrointestinal problems, or do not know how to care. This expert introduction, the occurrence of stomach will accelerate the gastrointestinal degeneration, thereby accelerating the aging of the human body we must pay attention. So how to care good stomach it?

Many girls found that their skin is getting worse and worse, and even forehead appeared fine lines, with what skin care products are not effective. This may be a sign of premature aging, which starts at the gut.

The body is like a sophisticated machine. After three meals a day, it is digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and becomes the material basis for the maintenance of our life activities. After being digested and absorbed, the food residue is transported through the intestine and excreted through the anus to the outside of the body. Therefore, the intestine is an important part of the body’s metabolism, the more abundant our diet nutrition, the more harmful substances in the stool, and the degradation and excretion of these harmful substances, completely depends on the intestinal health.

Once the metabolic waste can not be excreted in time to cause constipation, constipation will make the stool in the intestine excessive accumulation of harmful chemicals and gases can not be discharged with the blood into the lungs, some of which will be discharged from the mouth through the breath, which Form a bad breath.

Long history of people with constipation easily lead to dry feces within the junction. Waste can not be discharged from the body, long-term accumulation will be absorbed through the bloodstream, and then excreted through the skin. Excessive skin detoxification can affect the skin’s nutrient absorption, can cause rough skin, and prone to pigmentation, freckles and other pathological skin. Severe may cause pimples, spots, acne and other skin diseases.

Stomach is not good how to care?

First, add probiotics

Hundreds of millions of bacteria live in the human gut, including harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria. Under normal circumstances, the two are in a state of balance and the human body is healthy. However, if the number of harmful bacteria than beneficial bacteria, the balance of intestinal flora will be broken, a variety of gastrointestinal problems will occur one after another.

Stomach is not good how to care?

Probiotics have the effect of keeping the gut healthy, and we can supplement probiotics from our daily diet to help maintain gut health, improve the intestinal environment and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. Common foods containing probiotics include yogurt, cheese, pickles, natto, fermented bean curd and so on. Eat more foods rich in oligosaccharides can stimulate the growth of probiotics, including bananas, garlic, honey, onions, asparagus and so on.

Second, eat more dietary fiber

Daily intake of 20 to 25 grams of dietary fiber can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, which can clean the gut, adjust the intestinal flora, effectively relieve constipation. Vegetables, fruits contain more water-soluble fiber; grains and other foods contain more water-insoluble fiber, can stimulate the peristalsis of the intestinal wall, shorten the retention time of food in the large intestine, reduce the absorption of harmful substances.

Third, eat slowly

Eat should not be too fast, should be eating slowly, eating too fast can easily lead to the accumulation of food in the body, increase the burden on the stomach, slowing the intestinal peristalsis, the other food vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other substances can not be effectively and fully absorbed , Resulting in a large loss of nutrition. A long time, gastrointestinal function will be out of balance. Slowly eating can make food better digestion and absorption, the best of each meal can chew more than 20 before swallowing the stomach, food chewing in the mouth when combined with saliva to generate saliva amylase, can promote digestion .

Fourth, after a meal should rest for a moment

After a meal should be a little rest, can enhance the gastrointestinal resistance, try to take a nap after lunch for a while, to avoid further reduction of stomach to blood flow. After dinner, it will take some time to rest, sleep at night when most organs will enter the state of slow metabolism, this time forced to continue the work of the gastrointestinal tract, not only failed to repair the gastric mucosa, but also to promote large gastric secretion of gastric juice, Digestion of food at the same time destroy the gastric mucosa, leading to gastric erosion, stomach ulcers and other stomach diseases.


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Article: The bad stomach how to care?


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