Ten ways to prevent child cold

How to to ?

①Increase in outdoor activity time: The survey results showed that children often insist on outdoor activities, the chance of suffering a cold for outdoor activities is significantly less than the child.

② Clothing should be appropriate: Clothes do not surge or plummeted. Some parents worry that their children chilled, much to the children wear too thick, the result is often counter-productive and easier cold.

③ Eat a good breakfast: eat breakfast, the body produces enough heat to warm increase capacity.

④ Meals, be sure to wash your hands before eating: Before children to eat food, be sure to wash your hands. Adults give children food to eat, nor red hand, to prevent food-borne cold.

⑤ Try to maintain a relatively constant temperature: room temperature changes, increase opportunities for children suffering from colds.

⑥ After  cold, take measures: After the child cold chills, should immediately warm to Nuanshi or kang while, at the same time to drink hot soup or hot tea or milk, if they can drink ginger is better.

⑦ Family was cold, immediately isolated: it was cold at home, the patient should be allowed direct contact with children, especially not sitting face to face, nor bed to sleep.

⑧ Nursery when it was cold, it should be isolated: Children found a cold, can not continue to nursery, park. In the event of more children cold, the children respond to activities, the necessary air disinfection, ventilation windows, drying bedding.

⑨ When  less cold-prone or pop out: Do the kids go to public places, nor into someone stopping to prevent infection.

⑩ Aggressive treatment of upper respiratory tract chronic diseases: According to the research, people with tonsillitis, bronchitis, rhinitis, chronic airway inflammation in children more susceptible to colds than the average child. Therefore, these children usually should pay close attention to the treatment of chronic diseases.

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Article: Ten ways to prevent child cold


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