Ten “best” Summer life tips

1. Best condiment– Vinegar
In hot summer, it is easy to sweat a lot. Eating more vinegar can help us increase the stomach acid concentration and digest and absorb nutrients and work up an appetite.

2. Best vegetable– Bitter taste vegetables
In summer with high temperature and high humidity, people are often in low spirit, poor appetite and weight heavy loss. At this point, eating bitter taste vegetables can do good. Bitter gourd, bitter herbs, lettuce, celery, dandelion and lotus seeds are the best choices.

3. Best soup — Tomato soup
In summer drinking tomato soup we can get nourishment, but also make up water.

4. The best meat — Duck
Duck is a waterfowl. It has cold property. From the Chinese traditional medicine point of view, it is particularly suitable for those who suffer from internal heat.

5. Best drink — Tea
Tea is packed with potassium. It can help us get over both thirst and fatigue.

6. Best nutrient — Vitamin E
Food such as malt, bran bread, walnut paste and dairy products contain more vitamin E. In summer we’d better eat a little more of these food.

7、Best sport — Swimming
Swimming can not only exercise our hands, feet, waist and abdomen, but also benefit the body’s organs such as heart, brain, lung, liver, etc. And it is particularly useful for vascular. In addition, the calorie consumption in the water was significantly higher than on the land, therefore swimming can help reduce excessive body weight.

8. Best facilities to get cool–
Shaking fans can exercise our limp. When we shake fan with left hand, the right brain can be set off and its potential can be developed.

9. Best clothing color –
Red light wave is the longest which can absorb great amount of UV of the sunlight. It can protect our skin from harmful rays and prevent skin aging and even cancerization. Other clothing color (including white) such effect is weaker.

10. Best measure for health–Getting up and going to bed regularly
In summer, the best time to go to bed is 22:00-23:00 and to get up is 5:30-6:30.

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Article: Ten “best” Summer life tips

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