Ten anti-cancer foods

1. Cruciferous plants: including Chinese cabbage, kale, mustard, radish classes, aquatic vegetables (lotus root, water chestnut, water shield, wild rice, watercress, arrowhead, water chestnuts and so on. Studies show that cruciferous vegetables can reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease risk.

2. Tomato rich in antioxidants and lycopene, can effectively remove free radicals, play a cancer, tumor suppressor role. Regular consumption of tomatoes, can reduce the risk of lung cancer, stomach cancer, bladder cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer risk.

3. Spinach: It is rich in lutein, vitamin E, antioxidants, regular consumption can prevent the liver, ovarian, colon, and prostate cancer.

4. Garlic: It is rich in allicin and selenium and other trace elements, regular consumption, for the prevention of cancer progression, and improve the body immunity is very helpful.

5. Strawberry: contain anthocyanins is a strong antioxidant. Laboratory studies have shown that it can inhibit lung cancer, colon cancer, leukemia and other cancer cell growth.

6. Pumpkin and carrots: rich in carotenoids can play the role of antioxidants, by eliminating free radicals, prevent lung cancer. Carotene can be converted in the body essential nutrients the body of vitamin A, can prevent normal cell cancerous.

7. Olive oil: is a high quality edible oil, rich in antioxidant phytochemicals and vitamin E, have a preventive role in breast and colon cancer.

8. Pineapple: Rich in protein, can relieve a sore throat and cough, arthritis and gout, accelerate protein digestion. The latest study also shows that consumption of pineapple for the prevention and treatment of cancer is also very effective.

9. Capsicum: it can effectively prevent or slow the growth of cancer cells.

10. Mushroom: contains vitamin C, can play lower cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, more inhibition and slow the growth of cancer cells, reducing the side effects of cancer treatment.

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Article: Ten anti-cancer foods

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