Talking about the treatment of hypertension

For high blood pressure, I believe that many patients are to understand a lot, and for the treatment of high blood pressure is a lot, but the so-called Variety separated from their cases, so the purpose of , what is it? Today, talk about it thrust on the , let’s take a look at it.

1, to really improve blood pressure control and quality of life in sync, on the one hand by the needs of patients adhere to medication stabilize blood pressure within the normal range, to avoid fluctuations in blood pressure. On the other hand you want to attach great importance to non-drug treatment for hypertension, namely rehabilitation exercise, proper diet, and the three basic aspects of psychological adjustment.

2, rehabilitation exercise is 3 to 4 times a week, more regular exercise training, generally mild, moderate exercise, and diverse methods such as walking, cycling, swimming, tai chi, fitness activities, etc., each exercise training should within 30 to 60 minutes. Active rehabilitation exercise not only helps improve blood pressure and cardiovascular function, you can also adjust the emotional and psychological state, too.

3, the principle of reasonable diet is low salt, low fat and low cholesterol diet, avoid alcohol, in their daily lives to pay special attention to maintaining a low-salt diet, sodium intake should not exceed 6 grams per day, which can reduce the body’s sodium retention preventing cardiovascular complications.

4, psychological adjustment is an adjustment spiritual and emotional self, through positive adjustments to their own peace of mind, stability, optimistic and open-minded, confident life.

Details of hypertension purpose of the above mentioned four treatments, ladies and friends of patients, after reading is not have to understand it? For hypertension, these treatments aim to do the above, you should also pay attention to good patient upper body care and health care, these are all very good for high blood pressure effect, I hope friends of patients a speedy recovery.

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Article: Talking about the treatment of hypertension


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