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What food relieve dysmenorrhea

Women dysmenorrhea how to alleviate it ? What foods can relieve dysmenorrhea and promoting blood circulation ?
Grapes: in 1997, the University of Wisconsin found that drank three purple grape juice can reduce platelet aggregation force 40%, similar to aspirin, thrombolytic, anticoagulant and insoluble fiber role. In particular, grape skin contains flavonoids, a role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
Lemon: Lemon combination of citric acid and calcium ions into soluble compounds, can ease the calcium to promote the role of blood clotting, prevention and treatment of hypertension [...]

How to do women dysmenorrhea? – Tips for women dysmenorrhea.

How to do for women dysmenorrhea?
The first one: Diet
1, A balanced diet, eat too sweet or salty foods, eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish;
2, Drink a glass of hot milk add a spoonful of honey can reduce the pain of dysmenorrhea before bedtime;
3, Caffeine may cause nervousness, easily lead to menstrual discomfort, in addition to coffee oils will stimulate the small intestine contained. Therefore, women should eat less or eat dysmenorrhea caffeinated food;
4,Bananas rich in vitamin B6, emotional stability, but also to reduce the abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea, [...]