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How to have fair skin – five whitening skin tips

The fair skin is everyone’s dream, but when you encounter the strong sunlight, this dream is very difficult to achieve. Unless we all have to know how to whiten skin whitening methods, so that we can truly become a fair complexion beauty. Today, five whitening methods, with a look!
1, Vitamin supplements
Due to the precipitation of skin melanin, the skin tissue disorder. At this time, we need to add vitamins A, B, E etc.. These vitamins are not only able to regulate body functions, improve people’s immunity, but also [...]

4 tips for skin whitening

1, Eat more containing antioxidants foods, in general, fruits and vegetables more vitamin C content, such as lemon, strawberry, tomatoes, oranges, etc., and soy products, pork contains more vitamin B2, vitamin C and B2 have antioxidant effects, eat these foods can effectively delay aging.
2, Develop good healthy habits. Daily 23:00 to 3:00 is the time to maintain the depth of sleep, if at this time to maintain good sleep, can improve liver function and detoxification; remained relatively stable mood, pressure of modern life is likely to cause relatively [...]