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What food relieve dysmenorrhea

Women dysmenorrhea how to alleviate it ? What foods can relieve dysmenorrhea and promoting blood circulation ?
Grapes: in 1997, the University of Wisconsin found that drank three purple grape juice can reduce platelet aggregation force 40%, similar to aspirin, thrombolytic, anticoagulant and insoluble fiber role. In particular, grape skin contains flavonoids, a role in the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.
Lemon: Lemon combination of citric acid and calcium ions into soluble compounds, can ease the calcium to promote the role of blood clotting, prevention and treatment of hypertension [...]

5 ways to relieve dysmenorrhea of women – how to relieve dysmenorrhea

1. To maintain a balanced diet: less eat too sweet or salty foods because they make you bloated and slow, should eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, and try to frequent meals.
2. Do not eat foods containing caffeine, it will make you nervous, causing discomfort during menstruation, coffee contains oils will stimulate the small intestine.
3. Milk and honey: every night before going to bed drink a cup of hot milk, add a spoonful of honey can ease or even eliminate the pain of dysmenorrhea, the effect is excellent.
4. [...]