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White vinegar washing the face skin lightening

Washing the face with vinegar can increase the skin cells of water and nutrients, restore luster and elasticity of the skin, soften the cuticle, whitening, sterilization. White vinegar wash your face so many benefits, but can not be directly used white vinegar cleansing. Relatively strong because of the acidity of vinegar, may irritate the skin, causing great harm to the skin. Best reduce the concentration of white vinegar with warm water before use.
1, Washing the face with white vinegar benefits: whitening skin care
The specific method: Prepare a small [...]

Add some vinegar to wash your face with anti-aging and beauty

Stay beautiful face is the common pursuit of people, in fact, as long as add a little vinegar in the wash water every day, consistently stick to it, it must be effective. Because the vinegar itself can change the pH of the skin, the stratum corneum to soften the skin, inhibit the bacteria breed, so that the pores clear and reduce the incidence of infectious skin diseases. The types of vinegar, natural rice vinegar to the best .
Methods: The vinegar and water ratio is 5%, 7 to 10 [...]