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Treatment of diabetes should from which aspects

In the hospital, the treatment of diabetes is to start, from drugs and surgery so that in life, patients with diabetes ifself treatment, patients should be the first control of blood glucose and blood pressure strictly, when going out, pay attention to take candy, avoid hypoglycemia; second is movement therapy; finally, the patient has to form correctvalue view, avoid induced mental illness.
First, patients with diabetes to control blood sugar and blood pressure strictly. And cause the blood sugar level isbecause insulin secretion and enterprising food how much and [...]

How to treatment of diabetes?

For diabetes, I believe many people are aware. We all know that fat people generally have diabetes, then a younger age in recent years with the disease, we can not ignore any diseases, especially diabetes, the disease is extremely difficult to cure, then we usually suffer from diabetes, how to treat it?
Suffering from diabetes treatment:
First, resistance to treatment
What needs the most effective treatment of diabetes? In recent years, the medical field has been to break the superficial treatment of chronic diabetes, there are numerous ways, but the treatment [...]