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Top 8 skin whitening fruits

skin whitening fruits is very usefully for skin whitening. Eat healthy, will be young and beautiful, want to have whitening skin, it is necessary to proceed from eating, 8 kinds of fruit contains a lot of nutrients, so you skin whitening is not a problem.
1, Strawberry – to skin whitening and moisturizing
Strawberry is a berry, sugar content as high as 6% -10%, and contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, etc., can enhance skin elasticity, with skin whitening and moisturizing effect.
In addition, strawberries are more suitable for [...]

About top skin whitening foods

The following describes top skin whitening foods:
1, Peas
Peas have “removal black dark, make the skin surface gloss” effect. Modern research is found that the peas are rich in Provitamin A, Provitamin A in the body into vitamin A, play a role of moisturizing the skin.
2, White radish
White radish contain rich vitamin C. Vitamin C as antioxidants, can inhibit melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, preventing lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eat white radish can make the skin whitening and delicate.
3, Bean sprouts
Bean sprouts can prevent freckles, dark spots, make skin whitening.
4, [...]