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Take supplements and proper diet to Skin whitening

Want to skin lightening, it is advised that you also have a proper diet and some vitamin supplements. Anti-oxidant in some food helps your body create new blemish free skin.
Consider having more green leafy vegetables in your diet as well as Omega-3 rich food such as fish and sea food or flaxseeds for vegans.
Vitamin C and E are two great antioxidants which help the body generate new skin. There are tropical applications as well as internal supplements of these vitamins that you can take.
There are many natural ingredients of [...]

About top skin whitening foods

The following describes top skin whitening foods:
1, Peas
Peas have “removal black dark, make the skin surface gloss” effect. Modern research is found that the peas are rich in Provitamin A, Provitamin A in the body into vitamin A, play a role of moisturizing the skin.
2, White radish
White radish contain rich vitamin C. Vitamin C as antioxidants, can inhibit melanin synthesis, preventing fat oxidation, preventing lipofuscin deposition. Therefore, eat white radish can make the skin whitening and delicate.
3, Bean sprouts
Bean sprouts can prevent freckles, dark spots, make skin whitening.
4, [...]