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The ways to prevent and remove Dandruff

The scalp is itchy and inconvenient. Dandruff like snow flakes scattered on the hair and shoulders, although not detrimental to the body, but it is unsightly, giving people a sense of indecent and impure. This kind of thing is commonplace in our daily life and it is quite annoying.The ways to prevent and remove Dandruff:
The main factors that form dandruff
1. Excessive oil in dandruff: An important factor that causes dandruff is a parasite of Malassezia. This is a normal parasite on human skin. It is fed on sebum, [...]

How to easily remove dandruff with vinegar, to teach you a trick to get

It has a supple and elegant fresh hair is every woman’s dream, but dandruff, dry has become the biggest obstacle, how easy anti – dandruff, to teach you a trick to get.
Tools / materials
A bottle of vinegar
Bottle of shampoo, conditioner bottle
Lift dandruff this topic, I believe many people plagued by dandruff, are caused headaches, store an array of shampoo, variety, make you confused, difficult choices, the role of each one is different there compliant, anti dandruff, and repair. Let your dilemma.
Even some people in order to remove dandruff [...]