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Prevention and treatment of dandruff

In order to prevent excessive dandruff situation, in normal life should pay attention to the following questions:
1. Reasonable arrangements for schedule, should not be overworked
2. Maintain a pleasant mood and relax your mind and body
3. Regular outdoor exercise and physical activity contribute to skin health
4. To maintain good eating habits, should not eat too spicy
5. Reasonable arrangements shampoo time
6. Choose the right shampoo
Shampoo is the role of the hair play a role in cleaning and sterilization, so in the choice of shampoo can choose coal tar shampoo, this [...]

How to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp

To completely solve the itchy head, we must first find out the cause of itchy scalp. Scalp itching is due to a reduction in the defensive function of the head skin, and it causes itchy scalp such as fungal infection (Epidermidis furcifera), environmental impact, climate change, stress, scalding or shampoo Improper product and so on. Excessive hair oil and itchy scalp can affect each other, hair grease and more can form suitable for fungal infections (such as furrow fungus) growth environment, fungal reproduction further leads to itchy scalp, [...]

Prevention of dandruff to eat 3 kinds of food

Dandruff is a product of the metabolism of the scalp, in addition, dandruff generation and offset some of the nutrients also have a close relationship. In fact, there are many dandruff prevention and treatment methods, and by improving diet, dandruff can be a good way to achieve our goal.
Prevention of dandruff to eat:
1, Vitamin food
If the body lacks vitamin long time, it would lead to dandruff continuously generated, that is, as long as the attention to vitamin supplements can effectively suppress dandruff. Especially vitamin B2, seborrheic dermatitis, a [...]

What are the mainly reasons of causing dandruff

Do you know what are  the mainly reasons of causing dandruff ?Dandruff or Pityriasis simplex capillitii affects human scalp during some time or the other; there is no definite age, gender or ethnicity. Sometimes dandruff affects the ears, eyebrows, nose and beard of people. Many doctors say that these dry, white flakes are result of poor hygiene but also explain that there are further causes of dandruff that might lead to chronic and recurrent disorder. Here, you find some of the major causes of dandruff.
1. Skin Diseases 
Dandruff is a [...]

How to prevent dandruff home remedies

Following are top ways to prevent dandruff, and  home remedies for Dandruff. Dandruff is a kind of skin disorder of the scalp. This occurs due to growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, and it is an infectious condition. It causes itchiness along with excessive formation of dry skin flakes on the scalp. Dandruff can be controlled by following healthy hair care routine. However, it can even be controlled with easy to follow natural remedies. It is true that natural remedies take time to show results but they can effectively [...]

Prevent dandruff ways

It’s demonstrated that dandruff can occur at all ages but is most generally present in people between your age range of 12 and 80. Some reviews demonstrate that infants and babies also encounter some type of dandruff.
Dandruff is a mysterious ailment. Wondering why mysterious, this is because the actual cause of this dandruff is not known still. Majority of people at some point in their lives have had a form of dandruff, studies say. This is because of the varied lifestyle and food habits and the environment they [...]

Prevent Dandruff – Dandruff treatment tips

Nowadays, dandruff has effects on most people at some time in their lives. It’s a main problem where the skin cells of the scalp too much die and produce white flakes. However, it could be controlled and prevented from spreading.  There are numerous dandruff remedies suitable to treat and control the dandruff. The best possible dandruff treatment is with an anti-dandruff hair shampoos or anti-fungal shampoos, as anti-dandruff shampoo contains active ingredients to fight against dandruff.
The most common active ingredients of anti-dandruff shampoos are zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid, [...]

Dandruff home remedy – prevent dandruff tips

Dandruff is a very common skin trouble that may affect everybody at all ages. There isn’t a effective remedy for dandruff. On the other hand, it could be controlled through dandruff home remedy. The dandruff home cure utilizing household items can  prevent dandruff gradually and effectively.
The best dandruff home remedy using household products is curd and lemon paste.
For this, take some quantity of curd (depending on the scalp) and add lemon juice (half or one lemon depending on the length of your hair) to it. Apply this mixture [...]

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