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Menstrual period do not do five things

What cant do in Menstrual period?
1. Do not massage hammer waist
Consequences: cause excessive menstrual flow, menstrual period extended
Many women during menstruation will feel more tired than usual, general soreness and fatigue, so many people will do massage. In fact, women in the menstrual period, is best to avoid the waist, foot massage. And this and of promoting blood circulation drugs the same thing, the same may lead to further increase in the amount menstruation. In addition, there are many women in the menstrual severe backache, back pain phenomenon, [...]

Six kinds of diet tips can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles

Six kinds of diet can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles. Some women each time before menstruation can become moody, cry easily, depression, mood changes, even do not understand why there will be. Some women near the menstrual period, and found their breasts to harden, and breast tenderness to the a little can not touch. The diet of these physical changes can be very helpful, then the following example. Eating tips during women menstruation:
1, Moodiness – lack of vitamin B6
Some women each time before menstruation can become [...]

Women should not drink tea during menstruation

Tea is good for health, many women have the habit of drinking tea, but when you are menstrual period, please do not drink tea or drink less appropriate.
Tea contains a certain amount of tannic acid, it can combination with the food and the iron in the blood, thus directly preventing gastrointestinal absorption of iron, but also hampered the normal use of iron in blood. Drink too much too thick tea during menstruation will cause iron absorption and utilization barriers, easily lead to iron deficiency anemia. In addition, there [...]