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Office OL family how to skin whitening and care

OL family most of the time spent in the office, following are the office skin whitening and care tips!
1, Professional isolation: the computer living eight hours a day, we will not only consume a lot of brain cells, but also make our skin in strong radiation environment has become dull no light, or even keep birth to pigmentation, dark circles and other. In this case, a radiation can effectively isolate the cream, has become the office whitening essential magic! Here suggest that you use a professional barrier creams.
2, [...]

How to skin care to have a perfect skin whitening

skin care to have a perfect whitening skin. Healthy skin, smooth blood circulation, it will naturally show rosy transparent gloss. When lack of sleep or aging occurs, blood circulation slows down, the skin will become bleak matt. So, have a role to promote the blood circulation skin whitening products is essential, the use of orange skin polyphenols, vitamin c and other antioxidant ingredients, and promote micro-circulation, in conjunction with the appropriate massage, creating rosy skin tone.
1, Basic skin whitening: improve dull skin, repair short-term sun caused skin darkening
Exfoliates [...]

Natural plant treatment of chloasma (melasma) – make your skin whitening

Natural plant treatment of chloasma, chloasma treatment method, has long been a topic of concern in patients with plaque. Here to introduce several natural methods of plant treatment of chloasma.
1, Dried roses will be soaked in hot water, after cooling, in water add with 3-5 drops of olive oil, to wipe face with this water can be very good to moisturize the skin, skin becomes white, there is beauty and eliminate the freckle effect;
2, Prepare bee pollen,  and then bee pollen add into the honey, let it dissolved, [...]

Top 8 skin whitening fruits

skin whitening fruits is very usefully for skin whitening. Eat healthy, will be young and beautiful, want to have whitening skin, it is necessary to proceed from eating, 8 kinds of fruit contains a lot of nutrients, so you skin whitening is not a problem.
1, Strawberry – to skin whitening and moisturizing
Strawberry is a berry, sugar content as high as 6% -10%, and contains a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, etc., can enhance skin elasticity, with skin whitening and moisturizing effect.
In addition, strawberries are more suitable for [...]

4 great experiences to teach you how to skin whitening

1, If the inflammation affects the the skin whitening effect, can be use have soothing, anti-inflammatory effect of lavender, tea tree essential oils etc. adding the wash water, conditioning the skin from the details of life.
2, If you can not go to bed at 22:00, to beauty sleep, it must at this time on the evening skin care.
3, More use of those whitening essence and pure vitamin C separate packaging of products, when used and then mix, in order to ensure freshness.
4, Skin whitening to as early as [...]

How to DIY skin whitening mask

How to DIY skin whitening mask? It is really too much! But looks like I used pearl powder mask on the most effective, and if it is oily skin on the add egg white pearl powder, pearl powder mask on dry skin, add yogurt or milk. Coated to the face at night, after such a fifteen minutes to go wash. Also oats + milk is also very good, very suitable to do now when the winter.
Share the following five sources of material more convenient skin whitening [...]

How to skin whitening in fall and winter

In autumn and winter is often the most important skin care season. Due to dry weather, the face will emerge a few acne, there will be new skin replaces old phenomenon! The following are the skin whitening methods in autumn and winter.
1, First moisturizing, an then skin whitening . Can increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum of skin, improve the skin’s surface cells and tissues. Started lots of supply moisture, the use of moisturizing effect of lotion, emulsion, even the best choice of isolation Cream products, [...]

15 fair complexion skin whitening habits – how to skin whitening

Following are 15 fair complexion skin whitening habits :
1, Sun protection is the primary to skin whitening
To prevent ultraviolet UVB and UVA damage to skin, try to avoid the strong sunlight to go out. Sunscreen inhibit melanin production, sunshade tools to carry.
2, Avoid at 10 am to 2 pm to go out to skin whitening
If it is not certain to go out, avoid the 10 am to 2 pm to go out, because this time the sun’s strongest ultraviolet rays, on the skin damage and most powerful.
3, Skin [...]

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