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4 homemade fruit facial mask moisturizing whitening

Skin and our lives are the same, if not enough water, it will become dry, slowly, over time will become dry without gloss, peeling serious cause wrinkles and spots appear. Therefore, moisturizing skin care can not be separated. Now the summer heat, moisture without delay, the following four kinds of DIY Mask, making the simplest and most readily available materials, cost the least, but a good moisturizing effect.
1,  Watermelon egg yolks Mask
Material: Watermelon one, egg yolk half, the amount of flour
Easy DIY:
1, watermelon, watermelon whichever meat, mashed, add [...]

Homemade moisturizing and whitening facial mask – fruit facial mask

How to diy moisturizing and whitening facial mask, such as watermelon , papaya, aloe vera fruit mask.
1, Aloe Mask
(1) Aloe vera leaf cleaning, peeled. The aloe, egg white, honey together into the mixer and mix well.
(2) Apply to the the face 15 to 20 minutes.
Effects: moisturize, moisturize the skin, brightens the complexion.
2, Watermelon Mask
(1) watermelon rind juice scraped, into a small bowl.
(2) put into a compression mask, fully absorbed, apply to the face.
(3) to be 20 minutes after the wash to clean.
Effects: increased skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, increase [...]