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Six kinds of diet tips can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles

Six kinds of diet can help you to solve women’s menstrual troubles. Some women each time before menstruation can become moody, cry easily, depression, mood changes, even do not understand why there will be. Some women near the menstrual period, and found their breasts to harden, and breast tenderness to the a little can not touch. The diet of these physical changes can be very helpful, then the following example. Eating tips during women menstruation:
1, Moodiness – lack of vitamin B6
Some women each time before menstruation can become [...]

What foods dont eat during menstruation?

Six kinds of food caused by dysmenorrhea, during menstruation periods do not eat these foods.
1, Containing caffeine beverages
Caffeine causes breast tenderness, causing irritability, anxiety, emotional instability, while consuming the body stores of vitamin B, destruction of carbohydrate metabolism.
2, Sugar
Sugar will consume in the body of vitamin B and minerals, and makes the stomach more likely to eat sugars foods.
3, Wine
Alcohol will consume within the body vitamin B and minerals , too much alcohol will  damage carbohydrate metabolism, which will lead to women dysmenorrhea.
4, High sodium foods
High-sodium foods cause breast [...]

Knowledge of healthy eating during menstruation

Do not deliberately eat sweets, such as drinks, cake, brown sugar, candy, prevent blood sugar instability. Eat high fiber foods. Fruits, vegetables whole grains such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, oats contain more fiber foods, increase blood levels of magnesium, to adjust the role of menstrual and calm nerves.
1. In between meals to eat some walnuts, cashew nuts, dried beans and other foods rich in vitamin B group.
2. Adequate intake of protein. Lunch and dinner eat meat, eggs, tofu, soy and other protein-rich foods to supplement the [...]