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Homemade milk moisturizing anti-wrinkle mask

Homemade milk mask. Milk rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, a natural moisturizing effect, and could easily be absorbed by the skin, to prevent dry skin, and can repair fine lines, excellent cosmetic results.
1, Milk + flour
Methods: 3 spoons of milk and three spoons of flour and mix well, transferred to a paste, painted face, until mask is dry, wash with warm water.
This mask can only apply twice one week, too often, bad for the skin.
2, Milk + olive oil + flour
Method: Take 1 tablespoon of milk, [...]

Homemade moisturizing and whitening facial mask – fruit facial mask

How to diy moisturizing and whitening facial mask, such as watermelon , papaya, aloe vera fruit mask.
1, Aloe Mask
(1) Aloe vera leaf cleaning, peeled. The aloe, egg white, honey together into the mixer and mix well.
(2) Apply to the the face 15 to 20 minutes.
Effects: moisturize, moisturize the skin, brightens the complexion.
2, Watermelon Mask
(1) watermelon rind juice scraped, into a small bowl.
(2) put into a compression mask, fully absorbed, apply to the face.
(3) to be 20 minutes after the wash to clean.
Effects: increased skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, increase [...]

DIY skin whitening and remove freckle mask

DIY skin whitening mask effect is good, and healthy green, absolutely trustworthy, and will be very rewarding. Following are several skin whitening and remove freckle mask practice:
1, Aloe vera skin lightening mask
Practice: a peeled aloe leaf, to take leaf pounded juice, add 1 tablespoon flour and 1 tablespoon honey, and mix thoroughly.
Use: Coated to the face 10 minutes after the wash.
Effect: persistent use of aloe vera juice mask, the facial of the spots will be faded.
2, Wax gourd whitening freckle mask
Practice: Peel the and remove wax gourd seeds, mash, the deposited [...]

How to skin care with milk

Rational use of milk is not only a nutritious meal, even more beauty of the best product. If reasonable drink milk, not only beauty, but also fitness.
1, Milk and soy milk are all beauty of high quality goods, reasonable diet combined with adequate sleep, your skin will be supple and permeability white.
2, Mask has the advantage of a deep cleansing effect, but, if no time to home-made mask, covered the surface with milk daily, then, if sustained, one week covered 1-2 times will also enable the skin shiny [...]

DIY Whitening and Shrink Pores Mask

1, Tomato + egg white mask shrink pores
Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 1 egg white
Practice: the tomato flesh dug, and smashed into the mud, add egg white mix, surface covered 10 minutes after cleaning.
Effect: the acidity of tomato juice helps balance the pH of the skin, can reduce the excessive secretion of oil, clear dirt and aging skin the epidermis, and egg white will help shrink pores.
2, Homemade natural whitening shrink pores facial mask
Materials: 1 egg white, 2 drops of lemon juice
Practice: a mixture of all materials, apply to the [...]

DIY Whitening Mask

1, The tomato mash, filter juice applied to the face, wash after 20 minutes several times a day, make the skin white, but also to rid of freckles.
2, The tomato mash to mud, tomato juice with a paper mask suction, first apply a layer of mud in the face, and then mask of paper in the paste, wash after half an hour and found the skin becomes very delicate white.
3, Egg white + honey + pearl powder. Together to do facial mask, the next morning you will find [...]