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Tea water wash face anti-wrinkle and anti-aging – tea water effect

Autumn and winter, due to temperature and humidity at the same time decrease the outdoor dry air will take away moisture from the skin, if you wash your face incorrectly also aggravate water scarcity, then there tight, peeling and wrinkles. At this time may wish to change your face with tea, stick can effectively prevent the above problem.
There is a magical tea ingredients: tea polyphenols. It can increase the skin antioxidant levels, prevent free radical damage to cells, promote skin cell growth. Japan one experiment confirmed that anti-aging [...]

Men’s Facial anti wrinkle Tips

Men normally prevent facial wrinkles tips:
1. Alternating hot and cold water wash
This is very simple, usually in the face, first wash with hot water, after washing the face with cold water several times, and thermal expansion and contraction, which is firming face skin will have a certain role.

2. Good habits expression
Maintain good expression habits: chewing side, frowning, brow lift, squinting, moodiness and other negative emotions and facial expressions can cause local skin excessive exercise and muscle tension, making the skin due to overwork and lack of effective skin [...]

Wrinkle Tips living longer and younger

Adverse work schedules, unhealthy diet, coupled with a variety of skin care aspects fall into the trap, so that the skin all day long in these dangerous, then let the wrinkles better the farther away from us exactly how to do it?
1, Apply after cleansing every time moisturizer, and to adhere to do a moisturizing care each week, you can use olive oil, add some honey and egg white versus painted face, the effect is good.
2, Using rice regiment gently rub the face, after a few minutes you [...]

Diet tips to delay of wrinkles

Eat properly, can delay the occurrence of wrinkles. Eat more foods rich in chondroitin food: such as pig bone soup, beef bone soup, chicken skin, chicken bone soup, etc., can enhance the skin’s elasticity.
The human skin is divided into 3 layers of the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue. Mainly affect the skin beauty dermis. The dermis is constituted by the elastic fibers, and composed of elastic fibers in the main material is chondroitin sulfate.
The human body should lack chondroitin, skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles. So, eat more foods [...]

How to delay the appearance of wrinkles – anti wrinkles tips

Know about how to anti winkles. Wrinkles are most likely to make you look aging performance, look to get themselves young, would come later some of the wrinkles, how to delay the appearance of wrinkles?
1, Back sleeping
Many people feel that back sleeping are not comfortable, but in fact, back sleeping can reduce the facial wrinkles. This sleep posture can not only make the muscles relax, and can reduce facial wrinkles. Therefore, for women, proper back sleeping to prevent the facial wrinkles, delay aging.
2, Do not rub the eye and squinting
The root causes of [...]

Diet tips to remove wrinkles – Anti aging diet

1, Eat more foods rich in chondroitin to remove wrinkles
Such as pork soup, cow bone soup, chicken skin, chicken soup, can enhance the skin’s elasticity. Eat more foods rich in chondroitin sulfate, it can delay the occurrence of wrinkles, keep skin elastic and delicate.
2, Eat more foods rich in nucleic acids to remove wrinkles
Such as fish, shrimp, oysters, mushrooms, white fungus, honey, etc., can remove age spots. Recent studies have found that complement nucleic acid foods, both anti-aging, but also to prevent skin wrinkles.
3, Eat more foods rich [...]

Anti wrinkle tips for women

Wrinkles is the enemy of female beauty, and how slow the appearance of wrinkles? In fact, the life of many foods are very good on the skin, “modified” role. For example, the skin needs protein-rich, can eat lean meat, milk and vegetable protein with tofu and other soy products more.
Cooked rice, pick a softer, when hot but not too hot balled, on the face, rub until the bunched up into oily skin pores to remove grease, dirt, then wash with water, it can be respiratory smooth skin and [...]