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8 Ways to anti-computer radiation

As computers become essential to modern life, office and entertainment tool, a tremendous convenience, it also brings to deadly radiation on the skin, so a lot of skin at the computer all day is getting worse, mood more and worse. Do not worry, now is a good way to introduce eight kinds of anti-computer radiation.
1, To ensure the screen clean
Preboot every day with a clean fine cloth to wipe the screen to reduce the dust.
2, Isolate the most important
To learn how to use Cream, a thin layer, we [...]

Which foods has the role of radiation protection – anti radiation foods

With varying degrees of radiation in the high-speed development of modern civilization, the number of mobile phones, computers, TV, air conditioning and other electrical equipment everywhere, each of us live in the electrical radiation which studies have shown that the radiation on the human body has a different degree of damage, while in our liveshas the effect of radiation protection in food, let us take a look at what foods have what the role of radiation protection:
12 kinds of food can radiation protection
1, Black sesame seeds – to [...]

Winter Health Tips: 6 of food to protect computer users against radiation

As technology advances, computer users have become an important crowd. Of radiation at the computer every day, cardiopulmonary events should not have invigorating, plus the lack of oxygen in the room in winter, reducing the human immune system, fatigue will be more easier. Fewer people in winter outdoor activities, often sitting in front of the computer people, prone to nasopharyngeal dry, chapped lips, throat hoarseness, mouth pain, dry cough, dry skin, dry eyes, whole body fatigue, irritability or mood. Arrange work schedules in addition to reasonable and appropriate [...]