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DIY Whitening Mask

1, The tomato mash, filter juice applied to the face, wash after 20 minutes several times a day, make the skin white, but also to rid of freckles.
2, The tomato mash to mud, tomato juice with a paper mask suction, first apply a layer of mud in the face, and then mask of paper in the paste, wash after half an hour and found the skin becomes very delicate white.
3, Egg white + honey + pearl powder. Together to do facial mask, the next morning you will find [...]

DIY Papaya Mint facial mask – Whitening and anti-aging

Papaya Mint facial mask
Ingredients: papaya 1 / 3, a little honey, mint or mint leaves.
Methods: papaya, chopped mash, then add a little honey and mint. Smear on the face 10 minutes after the wash.
Efficacy: papaya is a very good skin whitening fruit, together with the mint can alleviate the effects of skin fatigue, can inhibit skin aging.

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