Tactile stimulation to promote the intellectual development of the baby.

Tactile stimulation to promote the intellectual development of the baby

1, is the most important sensory tactile
The most basic of human development, the earliest tactile feeling is that it is the body’s most widely distributed and most complex sensory system. Newborn baby understand the world through touch, through multiple touch to explore and promote the movement and cognitive development. Visible, touch is one of the elements essential to the growth of the baby. After birth began to accept continuous tactile stimulation, where Mom and Dad’s embrace touch, let the baby arrived in the most comfortable and safe feeling.

2, the fetus has a tactile
When the baby is still in the womb have a tactile, so when my mother stroked his belly, the fetus is able to feel it. About 7 weeks old fetus has been able to external tactile stimuli response, and through the skin feeling surroundings. So as early as earlier generation born in the womb is no final maturity and development opportunity will be more sensitive to external stimuli. The mother needs to be able to touch the baby skin fixed time every day, have a good tactile stimulation to promote the development of the baby. Specific methods: 1. Hold the baby arm from arm began slowly to gently press Touch wrist direction; 2. Arm lifted the baby, with the other hand to push the thumb screw do massage; 3. Baby holding hands, with the palm lightly grazed his hand.

3, newborn baby tactile development
Since the baby is born, tactile slowly began to expand. 0-2 months, your baby’s tactile reflex action-oriented development of this reaction primarily to food or self-protection; 3-5 months, your baby can be integrated reflex action, and to explore the use of the mouth or hand, tactile feel between different and simple discrimination; 6-9 months, your baby tactile development has throughout the body, and can be used in various parts of the body to perceive external stimuli, explore the environment; 10 months after the baby has become increasingly clear tactile orientation, can distinguish the contact materials are not the same place.

Embrace newborn baby is a good start to establish close contact, after the baby is born to face the new environment outside the womb, there is a sense of helplessness inappropriate, give hugs baby, let your baby feel the warmth of the skin contact, listening to the familiar heart beat can reduce the baby’s anxiety.

4, the impact on the baby’s tactile disorders
Baby ability to distinguish and identify external tactile development will be affected by the situation. Touch-sensitive baby’s ability to adapt to external stimuli is mostly poor, even a slight touch can also make your baby negative emotions. Such relatively sticky baby, fear of life, and then will make a lot of puzzling behavior. Tactile baby is relatively slow clumsy, weak ability to distinguish the brain, the most common is easily stumbled, unable to protect themselves well.

In addition, tactile messages to the brain also has a great influence on the emotional development of the baby. If Mom and Dad often give the baby a gentle touch of love, baby very insecure, more stable mood, attention is also more focused; on the contrary, if the baby is often negative contact tactile stimulation, mood is very unstable and very grown up nervous.

5, take the initiative to provide tactile stimulation to the baby
The younger the baby, the more you want to receive a variety of tactile stimulation, especially hugging and touching, increase the baby tactile stimulation. Alternatively, you can let your baby more contact with the clothes of different materials, fabrics, living appliances, etc., so that the baby does not like to have more tactile stimulation to promote tactile development.

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Article: Tactile stimulation to promote the intellectual development of the baby.


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