Summer women lose weight best Food ingredients – Eat more fiber foods

Every woman dreams of a devil figure, slender yet charm. But as we have seen in real life, the immediate slimming effect is difficult to reach. If you are trying to find an effective way to take a look at the recipes listed here slimming tips.

Intentions of the implementation of this recipe slimming program, just one week you can see the results:

1, dietary fiber. Eat more fiber foods can reduce the body’s absorption of toxic substances, remove the body’s garbage. A lot of dietary fiber present in: fruits, vegetables, soy foods.

2, lettuce. Eating lettuce every day just to get rich in vitamins and trace elements, lettuce vegetarian lettuce included, can promote digestion, nerves and moisturizes the skin stability role. From fresh vegetable juice can actually see the food value of lettuce.

3, berries. Berries contain a lot of vitamin C, edible berries to keep the skin tension. This is no doubt.

4 nuts. This is a popular worldwide, young and old snack foods. We can count the number of its varieties: Australia nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans, and so on. Nuts contain a lot of protein, but not excessive consumption. Consider nuts mixed together into edible vegetable salad, serve two purposes (to get the body while the two nutrients), why not do it?

5, three meals a day of protein intake. Fish as a staple food, at least twice a week appear on your table, and the more the better. Any fried foods are not taken into account.

Either protein or carbohydrate intake, the heat generated by the body can not consume, will become neutral fat piling up in the skin, make you fat. Therefore, whether the body fat and eat what food has nothing to do with calories, but how much and ‘expenditure’ and eat into whether the balance related.

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Article: Summer women lose weight best Food ingredients – Eat more fiber foods


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