Suffer from gestational diabetes mellitus should pay attention to four things

Pregnancy because pregnant female body will appear a series of changes, and pregnant womenpreviously undetected diabetes, appearing only in gestational diabetes mellitus is called gestational diabetes, pregnancy, late, a variety of anti insulin placental hormone secretion, such as placental lactogen, estrogen, progesterone, cortisol, and decrease the cell target the insulin receptor, insulinrelative insufficiency caused by diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.

The diagnosis of gestational diabetes need to do sugar sieve

Studies show that, if the female had gestational diabetes in pregnant, have more serious adverse effects for pregnant women and the fetus itself to get health, in the absence of insulin before theinvention, maternal mortality is high up to 25%–30%, the fetus mortality up to nearly 40%–50%,along with the invention of insulin, decrease of pregnant women and fetuses mortality rates aresignificantly.

Gestational diabetes mellitus is a kind of women During Pregnancy is a special diabetes, thesewomen are not pregnant before, in good condition, no signs of diabetes, and later in pregnancy,pregnancy testing found evidence that hyperglycemia in pregnancy, the incidence of diabetes is about 2%–5%.

If female friend in determining after be pregnant, check if it is found that in the lower or indexes andindexes conform to their own diabetes glucose tolerance, even if does not need the use of insulin,in medicine is also identified as gestational diabetes mellitus.

Many women worry that they will develop gestational diabetes, in general, if there are no signs ofhigh blood sugar found in the women before pregnancy, obviously thirsty, appear in the pregnancy after fatigue, abnormal urination frequent, often feel hunger and other symptoms, should pay attention to whether had gestational diabetes mellitus.

In fact, many female friends to develop gestational diabetes are unaware of the screening of 50 grams of glucose, which requires the female friends later in pregnancy 6–7 months, determine whether had gestational diabetes mellitus.

The pregnant mother how to deal with gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is a very big blow for pregnant women, but to actively adjust the held attitude to disease, negative mentality is very detrimental to the development of the disease, has the very big damage to the fetus, patients themselves and therefore, in order to himself and the childrenshould always pay attention to.

So, women in gestational diabetes need to pay attention to what? The following is the expert for a few points we analysis:

1, Regular exercise:

The daily exercises two times, each time 10-20 minutes, can choose the light, moderate exercise,such as: walking, broadcast gymnastics, pay attention to the monitor FHR and uterine contraction.Hypertension, cardiovascular complications, proliferative retinopathy, nephropathy is not suitable for the movement of the past.

2, The relationship between diabetes and pregnancy:

The relationship between diabetes and pregnancy, two aspects should be to know, one is have diabetes before pregnancy, namely diabetes pregnancy, pregnancy diabetes called for, another kind is to happen during pregnancy or discovery of diabetes, called gestational diabetes.

3, Insulin intensive treatment:

Experts say, in 6 weeks ago that should be performed by intensive insulin therapy, in order to make the blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin as much as possible to achieve normal, throughout the pregnancy, the ideal blood sugar control fasting glucose,

4, Nutritional requirement:

Diabetic patients after pregnancy, in order to take nutritional needs required for fetal development,the body produces some mainly for the secretion of the hormone in fetal, can promote the secretionof insulin and the antagonistic role of these effects is conducive to the fetus, to obtain a constantnutrition, but also so that maternal diabetes mellitus complicated.

If blood sugar control more difficult, and even disease development, prone to ketoacidosis orhypoglycemia, retinal lesions and renal lesions may exacerbate, pregnancy induced hypertension,polyhydramnios, infection rate, dystocia rate was significantly higher than that in the general pregnant women. This is the need to pay particular attention to.

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Article: Suffer from gestational diabetes mellitus should pay attention to four things


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