Spring fast weight loss tips

Under the Spring Festival fast weight loss tips, and share today are my personal experience of it, although it is not the kind of fast, but still be able to effectively see effect, help friends lose weight.

1, Got up in the morning a cup of warm water.
Up in the morning to a cup of warm water, not only the stomach, is also a quick secret. Retentate morning a cup of warm water to make the places to stay in the body is relatively smooth discharge. Prevent the retentate excessive accumulation of fat subcortical lead small bloating. So every morning a cup of warm water, not only conducive to good health, but also helps to lose weight, cost is relatively low.

2, Selected according to individual constitution for their own food.
Each person’s body is different, the food is not uniform for the different physical. Friends lose weight according to their own physical condition, with a suitable body to lose weight food. From the inside out to lose weight, improve their physical condition. For example: Do not eat too cold food cold constitution crowd, because it will make the body temperature further decline, metabolic imbalances, will not be able to burn more calories, and the body of wastes and toxins can not be completely discharged, easy fat physique will be more serious.

3, Reasonable diet with nutrition.
Many friends lose weight, weight loss will choose a vegetarian or do not eat some fatty foods, in fact, this method does not effectively lose weight. In addition, the human body needs nutritional balance, eat vegetarian but do not eat the meat dishes, will lead to malnutrition, vitamin deficiency. The fat foods resistance to digestion, ingestion can reduce the intake of starchy foods and snacks to lose weight will play a positive role. So, the right amount of fat intake not only does not affect the shape, and the benefits of bodybuilding. Diet, you can choose beef, rabbit meat, poultry, low-fat meat, and as little as possible when cooking oil can choose to eat salad night, to reduce the intake of fats.

4, Before meals a cup of warm water, or a bowl of soups.
Before meals a cup of warm water, or a bowl of soups, appropriate to fill his stomach, increase satiety, make dining the amount decreased at the same time warm liquid food warm stomach the, speed up metabolism, promote digestion after eating improve Detox constipation. But it is worth noting that, as far as possible to avoid cold water or soups because the cold stream food will make the body temperature to a sharp decline, or even slow down the metabolism, especially friends physique compare cold, cold liquid food be physical impact.

5, Minimize eating after 20:00.
Absolutely not eat after 9:00 PM, dinner also try to end before 8:00, protein increased dramatically after 20:00, if not timely digestion, promote the accumulation of body fat, so the dinner finished eating before this is better. In addition, we must hold back glutton, do not eat supper, otherwise it will make the constitution more easy fat metabolism slow down.

6, Brisk walking exercise to burn calories.
Walking to lose weight, but the effect is relatively poor, and brisk walking exercise can effectively burn calories, brisk walking, posture correction good first heel, then feet full floor, upper body straight, tighten the waist, reaching slightly out point the effect of sweat. If you want improved motion effects, the arms swing dramatically up, each time walking stick for more than 15 minutes. This movement insist month or more effective way to lose weight, but also pay attention to insist, do not sport suddenly give up after a few days, this will result in a short period of time to rebound leg muscles, more fat. If you do not want to continue the movement, it is also proposed to reduce the amount of exercise slowly.

7, Daily pay attention to adduct abdominal muscles, at the same time to maintain homeostasis through massage.

The abdomen is the most troublesome when many friends lose weight, easy to accumulate abdominal fat, the formation of a small pot. So always pay attention to the multi adduct abdominal muscles, improve the ability of the abdominal muscles. Adduct abdominal muscles usually stand up straight, sitting straight backs, multi adduct abdominal muscles multi breathing, especially after a bath, massage waist and abdomen, can promote the body’s metabolism.

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Article: Spring fast weight loss tips

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