Smoking man how to protect your skin?

Smoking in men seems to have become a matter of course in today’s society, smoke-filled all day long, in addition to the already known as easy to cause cancer, the smoke on men’s skin will also have a significant impact.

Hazards of smoking on the skin

1, Nicotine:

Nicotine is the most deadly poison contained in tobacco and can be poisoned both by smokers and secondhand smokers because it enters the body through the skin. Smoking can prevent the body’s absorption of vitamins, of which vitamin C has antioxidant effects, can inhibit the generation of oxygen free radicals, if long-term smoking, the body will accumulate a large number of such body waste, so that the body cells from infringement. We know that free radicals is the culprit leading to skin aging, a lot of skin care products, anti-wrinkle principle is to fight the body’s free radicals generated. Nicotine causes skin blood circulation is bad, destroy the elastic fiber tissue in the skin, so let the skin premature aging, which is why smokers appear relatively old in the face phase.

2, Acetone:

Tobacco contains acetone, a toxic substance that dissolves oils and fats, irritates the skin and irritates the skin. Long-term smoking can cause the skin to become senescent and dull.

3, Dust particles:

Cigarettes’ dust stays in the sebum layer, forming a thin layer that is toxic and hard to penetrate, making the skin prone to acne or inflammation. As the skin’s blood circulation deteriorates, the facial skin becomes pale, tired, dry and loses elasticity. Skin pores become larger, prone to wrinkles, but also may occur at the same time in the case of microvascular rupture.

Against smoking hazards, protect the skin

1, Isolation:

For people who smoke secondhand smoke, you want to fight against the resulting harm to the skin, the ideal is to isolate those who directly from the skin into the human body harmful substances, you can use some of their own skin cream isolation, isolation Cream can be part of the isolation of radiation, and blocking the air of dust and other harmful substances into the body. It is noteworthy that the sunscreen can not be used as a Cream, for some special hazardous substances, such as radiation, sunscreen is not isolated.

2, Clean:

People in the smoking process, the flue gas of harmful substances through the flue gas into the human skin, the skin quickly aging, so men should always pay attention to clean the skin, go home after work should be carried out a wash, until before falling asleep To conduct a deep cleansing, when using the cleanser to clean the skin, the foam can be applied in the hands and then smeared on the face, because some of the cleanser has a strong stimulating effect, the purpose of doing so is to wash the face Mild mild temperament to avoid skin irritation.

3, Moisturizing:

Smoking men’s skin prone to dry skin, hydration and moisturizing two steps essential, during the day can choose to use some men rejuvenating cream or cream, make the skin awake from dull; at night can do some deep moisturizing mask , For over dry skin can try to do the whole night mask, that is, after removing the mask without water to clean, just spill some mask ingredients on the face of the line.

4, Food therapy:

Smokers should eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables, milk, tea is also a good way to supplement vitamin C, especially green tea, which can maintain the body to produce and eliminate the dynamic balance of free radicals.

Of course, the most fundamental way to resist the harmful effects of smoking on the skin is to quit smoking, and to persuade relatives and friends around you to quit smoking.


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Article: Smoking man how to protect your skin?


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