Skin whitening method – the most potent skin whitening methods

We can use some skin whitening methods to whiten the skin, especially the kind of classic and effective skin whitening method, as long as a month or so, you can clearly feel the skin white, super-efficient .

Skin Whitening Method One: Sunscreen
Most women know to go out or coated with sunscreen isolation. This is with the popularity of the concept of scientific skin care, more and more women know that to be anti-aging sunscreen, sunscreen prior to whitening. Visible, sunscreen whitening skin care method is the most important step.

Skin Whitening Method Two: whitening skin care
Whitening is no shortcut, you need to continue the efforts. As a new era of female beauty, we must know how to care for skin whitening, whitening usually every day m2 trilogy to wipe her face clean after the face, deep muscle at the end of whitening can quickly and effectively get rid of melanin in the skin layer , showing soft white skin shine state, every day use, the whitening effect good giant.

Skin Whitening Method three: moderate exercise per week
Sport is skin whitening methods. Weekly amount of physical exercise in promoting good blood circulation and the body’s metabolism, have a negligible effect. But note that we are talking about here refers to the movement of a certain intensity exercise. Walking, walking like is not included. If not as uniform jogging alternating fast and slow running is more direct and effective. Moderate signs are able to speak the completion of basic communication, but said the long sentence, such as the middle of a sentence of ten words need ventilation to finish. High strength to say the phrase is laborious. 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise is the minimum standard, or if you want to improve the health of body, 300 minutes indispensable.

Skin whitening four: a balanced diet
nutrition in the “anti-inflammatory diet,” this argument. Inflammatory cytokines stimulate melanocytes to produce melanin, so in control of their diet to achieve the purpose of whitening is also particularly important. Common inflammatory factors include: lipase, protease and hyaluronidase. Therefore, reducing animal protein and fat intake whitening method among shortcut. Here, small amount of animal protein is recommended daily intake volume is preferably within the range of two to three fingers. Eat more fruits and vegetables can also play a role in whitening. Among the vitamin fruit, polyphenols, flavonoids sorted out among the body against free radicals generated, to achieve good oxidation purposes, it has underestimated role in regard to yellow white.

Skin Whitening Method five: Kiwi whitening
Kiwi also eat a little skin whitening methods. Fruit, kiwi regarded as the highest vitamin C content of the fruit. Many people mistakenly believe that lemon, that the acid content of the fruit that vitamin C should also be higher. But it is not, most of the lemon which is among the citric acid caused. So, on the contrary it can be derived, not the more sweet fruit vitamin C content is low. We tasted the sweet and sour taste of the subjective, more is derived from a ratio of acids and sugars in the fruit, not sugar content.

Skin whitening six: White grapes
Among grape pulp is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, and we often spit the grape skin extract is also a variety of skin care raw resveratrol, grape seed rich in linoleic acid and polyphenols in antioxidant has a good effect. Grape seed extract (proanthocyanidins OPC) is currently the strongest known antioxidant effects of natural food, is so far found most potent free radical scavenger, has a very strong in vivo activity. Experiments show that anti-free radical oxidation ability of OPC is 50 times more vitamin E, 20 times the vitamin C.

Skin Whitening Method 7: Strawberry Whitening
Skin whitening method further comprises strawberries. Strawberries are rich in amino acids, fructose, sucrose, glucose, citric acid, malic acid, pectin, carotene, vitamin B1, B2, niacin and minerals calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamin strawberry hectogram C50 -100 mg, compared with apples, grapes more than 10 times. Scientific research has confirmed that vitamin C can eliminate the slack and tension between cells, brain cells, solid structure, delicate skin elasticity, have a major impact on the brain and mental development.
Skin whitening skin whitening method in the history of the most potent method

Summary: In the daily care of them, as long as we master these skin whitening methods, then these skin whitening methods persist for some time, you can clearly see the white of beautiful skin.

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Article: Skin whitening method – the most potent skin whitening methods


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