Skin allergies not worry these health food is anti allergy expert

Diet for the prevention and is quite important, diet should be based on high calorie, eat more soy products, vitamins and minerals, can strengthen the body’s defenses, to resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors.

1, vitamin rich foods: edible is rich in vitamin C and a and minerals much food and fresh vegetables, fruits, such as rich in vitamin C, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers, deep green vegetables and citrus, lemon and other fruits, because of vitamin C has anti viral function; rich in vitamin A, carrots, yellow green vegetables, because vitamin A has the protection and enhancement of the function of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and respiratory epithelial cells; should also rich in vitamin E intake of cabbage, cauliflower, sesame, vitamin E with enhanced disease resistance.

2, to improve the immunity of food: eat more improve the immunity of the human body’s natural food such as eating bacteria, black fungus, tremella, mushrooms and mushroom, etc., and often take unlimited healthy growth of oral liquid or Ganoderma lucidum emperor, improve the body’s resistance to disease, prevent winter disease.


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Article: Skin allergies not worry these health food is anti allergy expert


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