Show you how to skin whitening – skin whitening tips

Following teach some of the commonly used method of skin whitening:

1, If not required, try to avoid in the summer 10 am – 2 pm to go out, because of the day, sunlight this period the strongest, most powerful ultraviolet rays, the maximum damage to the .

2, Wear a hat when going out as much as possible, hold parasols, wear sunglasses, wear long-sleeved clothes to protect the skin whitening.

3, When going out every sunny day, sunscreen products should be coated, and should coated once every 2-3 hours. And swimming should also be coated with sunscreen products, and also use waterproofing and a high SPF sunscreen.

4, As long as engaged in outdoor activities, no matter to what extent the sun, returned home should first take a bath, and massage gently wipe the body way, first use warm water, then cold water shower, and wipe some body lotion.

5, After exposure, if the conditions can be towel wrapped ice to iced redness of being burned skin in order to reduce local hot, and as little as possible with the clutch, otherwise it will aggravate the sun spots.

6, After sun can also take the home fresh aloe vera, scraped off the middle of aloe material and coated in the skin, there is calm and skin whitening effect.

7, Hand should apply sunscreen dew when going out, and arms, feet, knees exposed, sunscreen products should also be painted, so that both can sun protection and can effectively reduce the spots, especially after middle age, too early generate “age spots.”

8, Water is beauty holy things. Waking early morning fasting should drink plenty of water, if you in water and add lemon, the beauty is more effective. Also at 30 minutes before bedtime drink a glass of water, so that cells fully absorbed, can effectively prevent wrinkle formation.

9, Eat more cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, etc., because it contains large amounts of VC, can effectively help restore melanin to help skin whitening, enhance immunity.

10, Adequate sleep, relieve the pressure of life, listen to music, but also skin whitening is a good helper.

11, Smoking less, drink less stimulating drink, to sleep, can keep skin soft, smooth and skin whitening.

12, Away from artificial additives, eat less fried foods, caution hormones and contraceptives, which will directly lead to hyperpigmentation and freckles generation. To skin whitening, please keep in mind.

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Article: Show you how to skin whitening – skin whitening tips

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