Several types of movements to help children grow taller

Every parent wants their child to big tall. Although the child’s height, 70% to 80% due to genetics, but modest nutritional supplements, adequate exercise, for long tall or helpful. Minors often physical exercise, not only contributing to tall, but also to improve the body’s blood circulation, enhance the absorption of nutrients, to improve the ability of bone cell growth.

Parents must encourage children to exercise more, while paying attention to protective measures. First, we should actively participate in various forms of sports, including running and jumping and turning and other forms, can promote systemic bone, muscle development, not only limited to playing basketball, running, swimming and other single movement. Second, to science movement, attention to the protection measures to prevent causing bone damage and bone scale plate. Heart rate during exercise best guarantee of 120 to 140 beats / min, exercise the child sweating, heat generating, ruddy appropriate. Finally, to ensure that children sleep. Adolescent growth and development with the male hormone, growth hormone secretion such a relationship, these are often secreted in the early hours and reached its peak, so to ensure the child’s adequate sleep.

Here to tell you some details can help common movement.

1. Jogging for 10 minutes, doing flexibility training and relaxation training for 20 minutes, including front and rear stoop, shake the body, etc., can accelerate the body metabolism, enhance the body’s various physiological ability to help children .

2. Jump training. Allows children to practice jump training, more than 200 times a day, such as jump, off from both feet, one foot jump turns to do as much as possible to jump higher. Running and jumping are weight-bearing exercise can stimulate the proliferation of the role of the lower limbs epiphyseal cartilage, but preferably with some systemic movement. Jumping likely to influence the development of the foot, knee and ankle joints for greater impact, wear an elastic shoes to protect the joints. 5 to 10 year-olds can choose jumping rope, less time-consuming but energy consumption, can stimulate the bone to promote bone growth, consumption of excess fat, improve balance and responsiveness.

3. Swimming. When swimming kick and stretch the spine movement and the buoyancy of water, for spine, limb bones growth are very favorable. 4 to 8-year-olds can learn to swim.

4. Chin-up. Can play a role in stretching the spine, prompting spine bone hyperplasia. Can also be drape on the horizontal bar, each stick 20 to 30 seconds.

5. Ball games. Basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. are all good whole body movement. Ball games for children, basic does not have the risk of excessive movement, as long as not too tired the next day can be. After exercise have relaxation exercises such as jogging for a while, the movement should pay attention to replenishment.

6. Stretching exercise. Both parents a person can hold both hands, grasp the feet of another person, while lightly pulling the body in the opposite direction, every 20 seconds.

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Article: Several types of movements to help children grow taller

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