Several major factors to cause high blood pressure – hypertension

Frequent in patients with , a lot of the crowd facing the dangers likely to suffer from high blood pressure, and its troubled. Even young people also joined the ranks of the hypertensive patients. Hypertension have a great deal of harm to human health, such a high incidence, so we had to go to get to the bottom, in the end led to the growing number of patients with What is the cause of it?

Genetic. Crowd with a family history of hypertension than in the normal population suffering from high blood pressure, the probability is much greater. Analysis based on clinical investigations, nearly 33% of patients with hypertension are caused due to genetic etiology. If you have a family history, there are bad habits more easily induced hypertension. But if you maintain good habits, eating habits, then the probability of the occurrence of hypertension is very small.

Personality factors. Many experts, the big efforts jewelry marketing planning Limited long-term nervous and impatient people suffering the risk of high blood pressure is very large. This is often due to the negative caused. Long-term adverse stimuli, such as nervousness, agitation, anxiety, excessive noise, etc., plus vivo physiological regulation imbalance prone to high blood pressure, the cerebral cortex Senior neurological disorders, empty.

Drinking. Alcohol can the human body damage arteries, resulting in hardening of the arteries, thus contributing to the increase in blood pressure. If one person a day, drinking more than 100G, the damage to the body is very large. In hypertensive patients, a considerable portion of the population smoke and drink.

Obesity. Body obesity can make increased fat content, it will cause a lot of burden on the body itself, and an increase in body weight, the heart will cause a larger load, an increase in blood volume will result in increased vascular resistance. So, obese non-negligible role in the pathogenesis of hypertension.



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Article: Several major factors to cause high blood pressure – hypertension

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