Seven small coup relieve dysmenorrhea

7 small coup :

1. A balanced diet

Eat less too sweet or salty foods, they make you move slowly and flatulence. Should eat more vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, and as many meals.

2. Taking vitamins

Many patients after adequate intake of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium daily, rarely menstrual pain. It is recommended to take multivitamins and minerals, calcium and magnesium, and preferably low doses a day can be taken several times.

3. Eat less foods containing caffeine

Coffee, tea, chocolate contains caffeine, make you nervous tension may contribute to discomfort during menstruation, coffee contains oils also stimulate the small intestine.

4. Temperance

If you are prone to edema during menstruation, then the drink will aggravate this problem.

5. Do not use diuretics

Some people think that diuretics can reduce swelling and discomfort of menstruation. In fact, diuretics make important minerals will be excreted with water.

6. Exercise

Especially in the eve of menstrual cramps, and more walking or engaging in other moderate exercise will make you more comfortable during menstruation.

7. Keep warm

Keep the body warm will accelerate blood circulation and relaxation of muscles, especially cramps, and pelvic congestion. So should drink plenty of hot water, hot water bottle can also be placed in the abdomen.

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Article: Seven small coup relieve dysmenorrhea

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