Salt during pregnancy need to be cautious, excessive intake of more easily edema

Each teaspoon of table salt contains 2,000 mg of sodium. During Pregnancy, too much or too little salt intake, will for the content of sodium in your body have a negative impact. Compared with other nutrients pregnant women need more sodium. However, eating too much salt is harmful, you just needed to make sure the fetus sodium enough on it. Sodium intake recommended for pregnant women from 2000 to 8000 mg per day. When you are in a special period of time, to consult a doctor to ensure that your salt consumption is reasonable.

1. Excessive intake easy swelling
Swelling, also known as “edema.” During pregnancy, your foot, ankle edema, leg and hand are the most common. This phenomenon usually occurs after a few weeks of pregnancy, mainly because of fluid in the body increases. Eating too much salt can aggravate your condition edema. You can eat salty snacks, but want to control food intake within the recommended range.

2. Excessive intake affect the fetus
A study in 2011 showed that during pregnancy, eating too much or too little salt will affect the development of the kidney. In this study, pregnant rats with diets added each small, medium, and large amounts of salt. Meanwhile, each mouse kidney development and kidney function and blood pressure were assessed. Pregnant rats that ingested too little and too much salt, kidneys stunting, and accompanied by symptoms of hypertension.

3. Excessive intake causes calcium loss
Excessive intake of sodium can lead to the loss of calcium in the body. Reduce calcium in the body increases the likelihood of pregnant women suffering from pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome. This is a hypertension, can cause excessive swelling and increased protein in the urine, or even cause cramps or premature birth.

4. salt intake can not be too small
During pregnancy, many hormones are much higher than usual. A hormone which affects the sodium content of your body, this is progesterone. Excessive progesterone in the body, will increase the amount of sodium in the body in the urine, which means that your body is too small minerals. Reducing sodium intake, the body will change the balance of the liquid, disrupting maternal and fetal health. During pregnancy, maternal body needs more fluid to support the growth and change themselves and the fetus. Not enough sodium, the body will not be able to maintain the required content of the liquid.

An analysis of the required nutrients for pregnant women showed that women during pregnancy if the dietary intake of sodium deficiency, then it means that the lack of a variety of nutrients. This means that if women during pregnancy were told to control the amount of salt intake, they will be a corresponding control protein, calcium intake and calories needed for these three important substances during pregnancy. Reasonable standard balanced diet, we should be able to provide for yourself and your baby sodium development necessary for it.

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Article: Salt during pregnancy need to be cautious, excessive intake of more easily edema


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