Reducing high-sugar diet can prevent cardiovascular disease

It is well known in hypertension prevention and control process, the most important dietary interventions is to eat less salt. However, this notion may be changed.

Recently, the United States a number of studies have found that high-sugar diet can increase the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease, the harm is far greater than the high-salt diet, especially processed foods added sugar (sweeteners), including fructose.

Intake corn syrup containing 60 g fructose, blood pressure can be increased up to 15/9 mmHg, the heart rate up to 9 times faster / min.

Add sugar if ≥25% the proportion of calories from food intake, the risk of death from cardiovascular disease will increase two-fold.

Intake of 200 g of fructose diet only two weeks, will encourage blood pressure increased by an average 7/5 mmHg, heart rate increased by 4 beats / min, while also elevated triglycerides, insulin levels and insulin resistance index.

Risk daily fructose intake exceeds 74 g, blood pressure greater than 135 / 85,140 / 90,160 / 100 mmHg in turn increased by 26%, 30% and 77%.

Per person daily energy intake from sugar reaches 150 kcal, the prevalence of diabetes will rise 1.1%, this risk is 11 times the intake of 150 kcal per person per day of the total energy.

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Article: Reducing high-sugar diet can prevent cardiovascular disease


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