Red wine Beauty skin care method

Brewing red wine grape pulp content of super antioxidants SOD which can neutralize the free radicals produced by the body, protecting cells and organs from oxidative, skin whitening and restore luster. SOD activity of Red wine extract is particularly high, and its antioxidant function than directly extracted from the grapes is much higher.

Grape seed is rich in nutrients, “polyphenols”, the anti-aging ability is 50 times more vitamin E, vitamin C is 25 times, and Red wine as well as low concentrations of acid wrinkle cleansing effect, so red wine skin effect not just limited to the face.

Cosmetic effect
1. Whitening Moisturizing: 100% rich grape polyphenols, can stimulate the skin’s dull hormone loss and metabolism, whitening effect class.

2. pores: 80% Red wine and water and oil containing SOD hormone balance, excellent astringent can make skin smooth and delicate texture.

3. Anti-aging wrinkle: 70% used the mask of red wine mask MM will immediately feel the sensation of skin stretching, anti-aging ability is 50 times more vitamin E is 25 times the vitamin C, can quickly against free radicals. 4. Qubanqudou: 30 percent of white Red wine in addition to the main wrinkle function, can inhibit the regeneration of spots and acne.

Red wine Beauty

Red wine nourishing mask
Efficacy: exfoliating, moisturizing the skin
Ingredients: red wine, compression mask paper, glass containers 1

A net dry cleaning plastic container, if conditional, it is best to put disinfection cabinet disinfection

2 will be placed in a plastic container with a paper mask, pour wine, paper mask immediately upon contact with water up large amounts Red wine poured into a large rise in flooded mask is appropriate

3 Wash hands open mask, apply to the face, feeling the water can be removed when the semi mask on. Per week to the day before the election bathing dressing, bathing, gently massage with the pulp to help remove dead face, the better.

Reminder: their skin allergic to alcohol is best not to use this mask, and that this red wine mask is best to use at night, because the removal of dead skin if you go out in the sun, it will accelerate the aging of the skin.
Red wine Whitening Mask

Efficacy: whitening and firming
Ingredients: Red wine 20ml, 2 tablespoons honey, a little pearl powder, plain paper mask a container 1


1 The above raw materials were mixed in a clean container and stir well.

2 Wash your hands, gently mixture evenly on the face mask of paper covered, for about 5 minutes after the wash with warm water.
Red wine beauty bath

Efficacy: clear the pores in the dirt and grease, promote blood circulation, skin and prevent allergies

Ingredients: Red wine amount (usually the family bathtub, prepare to about 200ml)
Practice: adding a proper amount Red wine bath water, the body soak them 15 to 30 minutes, and with both hands to massage the body until the body a slight fever after two baths, the body must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Reminder: the bath water temperature is not too high, because the Red wine of nutrients such as vitamins, fruit acids and other perishable under high temperature, loss. Also, after washing bath is also very important, otherwise the skin on the left in the alcohol will take away the skin of moisture, resulting in dry skin.

For beauty is best to use an unopened Red wine, this will ensure that nutrients are not contaminated and damaged. In addition, by identifying the color can largely determine the quality of Red wine: a small amount of wine into the glass, observe the color of the wine, the wine’s color should be clear. Wine color and chromaticity are also important, purple usually shorter year wine, wine magenta is the year long, brick red or brown is representative of a more mature wine age. In general, the deeper the quality is relatively good wine and women.

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Article: Red wine Beauty skin care method


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