Rapid and healthy method to remove blackheads

Many white-collar workers found that no matter what method to try, blackheads are very stubborn. Sometimes, improper use of skin care products, not only difficult to remove blackheads, and even make the skin condition worse.

Inventory remove blackheads Mistakes

1. Know stimulating ingredients. Many claims for blackheads effective product, add pepper mint, menthol, lemon, lime, eucalyptus extract and other stimulating ingredients. In fact, these components will promote the secretion of sebum, make black more serious.

2. Blackheads the surface indelible fact. Blackheads from the depths of the pores in the surface of the skin friction can not be eradicated blackheads, but will stimulate the friction caused by the stimulation secrete more sebum.

3. Nose Pack can not stick out blackheads. The nose paste blackheads can only remove the black part of the surface, blackheads will reproduce quickly.

4. soap cleansing is not conducive to clear blackheads to form soap body composition itself will clog pores. After cleansing the skin with soap will feel very dry, but it shows the skin becomes dry, stimulated, there is no benefit.

How not to hurt the skin, remove blackheads?

First, wash your face with a mild water-soluble cleansing, then you can use niacinamide formulation excellent lotion (to improve the shape of the pores).

Secondly, in the blackheads area, wet compress 2 to 3 minutes with a slightly hot towel, pat dry. For prospective blackheads site, then gently squeeze down and stretch forward with acne. Gently squeeze evenly on both sides of blackheads, gently pulling parts in the pores. Note that only squeeze so twice. If you do not see results, indicating that blackheads can not be removed, the operation is likely to continue to damage the skin, scar formation. You can try again in a few days. Finally, the use of well-formulated product does not contain any stimulating ingredients salicylic acid to exfoliate. Oily skin may wish to use a clay mask does not contain stimulating ingredients and absorbing tissues, regular cleaning of grease.

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Article: Rapid and healthy method to remove blackheads

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