Psoriasis patients how to care for the skin

Instant turn to the fall, the temperature is declining, the humidity is getting smaller and smaller. Every time this season, there will be patients with psoriasis due to improper maintenance of the skin, making the skin lesions increased. Then the psoriasis patients how to maintain the skin?

To ensure adequate sleep every day, try to sleep before 22 o’clock, do not stay up all night. Adequate sleep is good for the skin.

Pay attention to nutritional balance, do not eat food to stimulate the skin, such as green onions, garlic, etc., do not drink or less tea and coffee. Eat spicy food, tea or coffee will make the skin itch. To add protein, because a large area of ​​skin lesions will speed up the loss of protein.

Every day to the appropriate sun. Sun can not only kill the skin surface of the fungi and bacteria, but also the healing of lesions is absolutely good.

Quit smoking. Cigarettes contain a variety of harmful substances, long-term smoking will make the skin become dry and allergic. Smoking also stimulates the lungs. Chinese medicine stresses “the main lung fur.” Lung problems Natural deterioration of the skin.

Choose non-stimulating skin care products for the skin moisturizing. My advice is to use vaseline. Although it is greasy with the up. However, it can stimulate a long time without moisture. Wet skin will reduce the itch at the skin lesions.

The most important one is that you can not use the hand to pull or scratch the skin lesions. If you feel itch can be used to stimulate a small number of ways, such as rubbing some of the lesion at the vaseline or pure medicine antipruritic ointment.

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Article: Psoriasis patients how to care for the skin


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