Protect your eyes eat 5 kinds of food and Notes

What foods to eat good on the eyes? The eyes are the windows of the soul, everyone wants to have bright eyes, if everyday life overuse can cause eye strain, eye fatigue is a term easily lead to myopia, short-sighted people need to wear glasses, bad for the eyes. Everyday life through diet can be adjusted on the eyes care, then what foods good for the eyes?

1. Spinach

Eat spinach beneficial to the eyes, studies have shown that eating spinach every day, 43% chance of suffering from macular degeneration less. The main onset macular degeneration in older friends, so from a young start, adhere to eat green leafy vegetables, on the eyes are very good.

2. Animal liver, eggs, milk

Animal liver, eggs, milk is rich in vitamin A, vitamin A can make the cornea normally prevent drying degradation, so you can eat everyday life animal liver, milk, eggs to intake of vitamin A, to prevent vision loss, especially those with night blindness friends, we must pay attention to eat vitamin a foods, here to remind you not to eat too much animal liver, liver contain toxins, eat more but detrimental to the body.

3. Beans, mushrooms food

Beans, mushrooms foods rich in calcium, the doctor told us that calcium is the ocular tissues of “protection”, eat more beans, mushrooms food can prevent myopia, vision degradation.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, vitamin C can decrease light and oxygen damage on the eyes lens, thus delaying cataracts. Eat more tomatoes everyday life such proposal contains vitamin c rich foods, and vitamin C-rich foods include: kiwi fruit, hawthorn.

5. Seaweed food

Good for the eyes of seaweed foods include: kelp and wakame. The main reason is that these two foods are rich in mannitol, mannitol has a diuretic effect, reduce intraocular pressure, acute glaucoma can be treated,


Life should conduct more eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue.

With the eye for some time, to see more distant, see more green plants, can effectively prevent nearsighted.

Those who use the computer for a long time it is recommended to use glasses eye protection function and reduce radiation.

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Article: Protect your eyes eat 5 kinds of food and Notes


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