Prolonged pregnancy how to do

1. Make sure the pre-production period

For close to 40 weeks still no production trillion pregnant mother, the proposal should hurry to the hospital, ask the physician to confirm the pre-production period is correct.

First, the doctor will ask the pregnant mother’s last menstrual arrival date and month -3, calculated from the date of +7 way again pre-production period. Now many women due to the longer irregular menstrual cycle, or cycle, or even can not remember who, so “menstruation algorithm” sometimes need to be amended, or the value of ultrasound with CRL to further confirm the pre-production period.

Secondly, doctors find CRL value within the first three months of pregnancy ultrasounds done (the fetal crown-rump length), as projected pre-production period. Because the first three months of fetal growth will be acquired less human factors (such as the health of pregnant mothers, etc.) effects. Therefore, the higher the value, according to CRL pre-production period accuracy inferred.

2. Movement + oxytocin:
A, do the full 37 weeks after the midwifery movement.

Although the causes of prolonged pregnancy is not clear, but the vast majority of obstetricians believe that pregnant mothers with physical and late pregnancy itself whether to do moderate exercise related.

Therefore, to the late pregnancy (especially after the full 37 weeks), and if all goes well for check (including fetal weight more than 2 500 g, pregnant mothers without pregnancy complications, etc.), pregnant mother to do the upcoming production preparation, can do the following sports:
* Walking more than 30 minutes a day. (All pregnant mother)
* Slow on the steps several times a day. (For not breathe too hard, will not cause abnormal uterine Bulletin boards)
* Feet touch, sitting cross-legged. (The purpose is to train the pelvic cavity, helping the natural production)

B, to the hospital 41 weeks pregnant when oxytocin

Oxytocin can be said that pregnant mothers look forward to the final critical natural production, past obstetric believed to be over 42 weeks the doctor needs to be done spawning for pregnant mothers, but now medical discoveries, 42 weeks after a pregnant mother’s placenta may have aged (48% of who is the third level), its function deteriorates, amniotic fluid becomes less, in fact, this time the effect of oxytocin and the poor, so now just over 40 weeks can not yet produce oxytocin.

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Article: Prolonged pregnancy how to do

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