Principles of treatment of hypertension

A lot of people just began to dizziness, thought is anemia. Finally know that is caused by hypertension. In fact,hypertensive patients often dizziness, insomnia, fatigue and other whole, seriously affected the normal life and work them. For patients with hypertension in the elderly people, their life is no longer easy. For the many patients want to know, below we have a look to the principle of , and they hope to help everyone.

1, early treatment

Hypertension in the elderly is the high incidence of disease, once appear, often dizziness, headache, insomnia,numbness of the limbs and other symptoms should be promptly to the hospital blood pressure measurement,diagnosis should actively cooperate with the treatment, to avoid the development of non benign hypertension.

2, appropriate treatment

Hypertension is a chronic cardiovascular disease, the treatment process also need to step by step. Patients nottaking a large number of antihypertensive drugs in a short period of time, a sudden drop in blood pressure can cause heart, brain, kidney and other blood supply, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

3, drug combination

Some patients need only one drug taking science you can easily achieve the purpose of control of blood pressure,but some patients need to use two or two or more drugs control under the guidance of a doctor.

4, lasting treatment

The main method of current clinical treatment of hypertension for lifelong drug treatment, therefore, patients with hypertension must be prepared “to fight a protracted war preparations,” can not arbitrarily stop drug treatmentprocess, avoid to cause blood pressure fluctuations induced cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accident.

5, can not arbitrarily stop drug

Some patients worry about the long-term medication can cause side effects, some for the body, therefore, in therelief of symptoms after discontinuation of the drug often independent, symptoms appear again after medication,the expert reminds, so repeated withdrawal cause blood pressure fluctuations, recurrent disease even aggravate,often causing serious complications and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents, a serious the threat to the lives of patients.

Now, hypertension is one of the common diseases, the incidence rate is high. Therefore, the treatment of hypertension, to a regular hospital for detailed examination to determine the selection, the causes of hypertensionafter symptomatic treatment. Stay away from high blood pressure, lets the child return to a happy childhood life, so that young people back to the normal working state, so that the elderly have a happy life!

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Article: Principles of treatment of hypertension


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