Prevention of baby eczema diet taboo

Eczema occurs in the head and face, then gradually spread to the neck, shoulders, back, limbs, and even spread to the whole body. Sick child often because it is mainly irritability, crying and even affect sleep at night, but also due to children with itchy hand can often cause bacterial infections and further aggravate the skin.

There are many reasons for , which are related to a variety of internal and external factors. Some external factors such as moonlight, UV, cold, heat and other physical factors, exposure to silk or synthetic fibers and some topical drugs can cause ; mechanical friction, improper care can also cause the disease. Among them, improper eating is one of the main causes of . Therefore, when the child appears , in addition to the hospital, but also check the diet is appropriate, as far as possible to identify the risk factors in order to achieve targeted treatment.

In order to control eczema, should pay attention to the following points in the diet:

(1) try to use breastfeeding, in general, milk easily lead to eczema, very few individuals can also be caused by breast milk.

(2) add complementary food, should be as little as one kind of a plus, so that children adapt slowly, but also easy for parents to observe what kind of food caused by allergies.

(3) children who have suffered from eczema should avoid or reduce the consumption of seafood, shrimp and crabs and other seafood and irritating foods.

(4) to children eat light, digestible, rich in vitamins and minerals characteristics of the food, so you can adjust the physiological functions of infants and young children, reduce skin allergies.

(5) to avoid children overweight, obese children suffering from eczema is much more likely.

In short, eczema is a manageable control as long as the pediatric diet is reasonably scheduled to be matched with the medications needed. Even if the temporary control is not satisfied, with the extension of weaning, eczema will gradually disappear.

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Article: Prevention of baby eczema diet taboo

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