Prevention and treatment of dandruff

In order to prevent excessive dandruff situation, in normal life should pay attention to the following questions:

1. Reasonable arrangements for schedule, should not be overworked

2. Maintain a pleasant mood and relax your mind and body

3. Regular outdoor exercise and physical activity contribute to skin health

4. To maintain good eating habits, should not eat too spicy

5. Reasonable arrangements shampoo time

6. Choose the right shampoo

Shampoo is the role of the hair play a role in cleaning and sterilization, so in the choice of shampoo can choose coal tar shampoo, this kind of shampoo can eliminate fungi, inhibit oil secretion, but also prevent other skin diseases.

Many people think that frequent washing of hair is a manifestation of caring for the hair, and they also think that shampooing can remove dandruff every day. However, such an approach tends to have the opposite effect. Because too frequent cleansing of the hair caused by thinning of the fat, scalp pores, oil secretion will increase, the hair becomes dry dandruff but will increase. Reasonable and healthy shampoo time should be 3 to 5 days to wash the head, and keep combs, hats, pillows cleanliness.

In daily life you can choose to eat more ingredients containing more alkaline elements. For example: kelp, seaweed and other products grown in the sea. At the same time you can eat more fruits and vegetables, a cup of yogurt every day, eat beans, these foods can protect the hair, play a role in hair conditioner. Detoxification of food can also eat more, such as mung bean porridge, red bean porridge and so on. To avoid eating barbecue, frying and other spicy foods, eating too much can easily stimulate the scalp cells to secrete fat.

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Article: Prevention and treatment of dandruff

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