Prevent skin aging method

Following prevent ways:

1, Note that protect the skin to avoid vicious stimulus to keep the skin moist. The water (6 to 8 cups a day), drink less coffee, cola, tea is best to drink mineral water and of hyponatremia soda water.

2, Each wash your face bath, skin care cream should be used immediately after. Dry winter, the indoor should put some water to increase humidity. In the diet should eat more foods containing nutritious food, containing various vitamins A, C, fruits, vegetables, and to eat more the roughing food and whole grains, wheat bran intradermal contains vitamin E, zinc and selenium, benefit skin health.

3, Eat plant foods containing alkaline minerals, so that the blood becomes slightly alkaline, lactic acid in the blood is greatly reduced from erosion of the skin; calcium and minerals but also the harmful contaminants in blood cleansed, to makethe functions of the various organs of the body and lively, vibrant skin is naturally pliable and smooth, ruddy color.

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Article: Prevent skin aging method

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