Prevent baby eczema five kinds of foods not to eat – How to prevent baby eczema

Eczema, also known as milk ringworm, is a common allergic skin disease of newborns and infants, mainly in infants under two years old. Eczema baby eczema and adults like to make your baby feel itching. If the scratch, then that is itching pains, very affect the baby’s sleeping and eating. In order to let the baby be healthy, then introduce eczema prevention methods.

1, For a family history of allergic diseases baby, you should try to use breastfeeding and feeding time as long as possible, try to avoid the lactating mothers food allergies and insisted calcium supplementation; If you choose artificial feeding, a start as possible Select hypoallergenic formula milk.

2, Mother During Pregnancy Eat less spicy food as much as possible, avoid excessive intake of animal protein foods, so nutritionally balanced, thus reducing the incidence of neonatal eczema.

3, Regular room ventilation to keep indoor air fresh;

4, The clothing as permeability, soft, pure cotton cloth quality;

5, Often bathe with clean water, do not try to contain chemical substances bath, skin care products;

6, Timely add supplementary food, severe food supplement follows the principles from one, a small start, step by step, to prevent indigestion;

7, Keep the stool, adequate sleep, do baby massage or exercise a day, exercise your baby’s gastrointestinal function, enhance the body’s ability anti allergy.

However, when the baby accidentally suffering from eczema, many foods are taboo. That in the end the baby eczema can not eat what?

1, Egg food

Eggs and egg products can also cause the baby allergies, including egg white ovalbumin-induced allergy is the main ingredient. Also quail eggs, duck and goose, etc. can trigger allergic baby. So say the baby eczema can not eat anything, eggs, food can not be forgotten.

2, Milk

Baby eczema can not eat what? Milk is one of them. Some mothers may be confused on this, not knowing that milk and dairy products is a common food allergies easily lead to the baby, the baby eczema is a common allergens, including milk lactalbumin A species is the strongest allergen ingredients. Many baby after drinking milk or milk can induce eczema, there are manifestations of gastrointestinal allergies, such as vomiting, abdominal pain, noise, etc..

3, Seafood and aquatic products

Baby eczema can not eat what? Seafood and fish is one. Although the nutrient-rich seafood, but easy to induce the baby allergies. The reddish color of the fish and crabs and other crustaceans seafood contain high allergen ingredients, and more heat-resistant, even after cooking can trigger allergies.

4, Part of the fruit

Some fruits are also a major cause of food allergies, eczema during the baby should be eating less. That baby eczema can not eat what fruit? Peaches are the main peaches in a variety of ingredients can cause allergies, can cause lip swelling, itching, generalized wheal and laryngeal edema and other symptoms.

5, There is a special smell, spicy foods

Spicy food and a special smell of food, such as onion, garlic, pepper, onion, ginger, spices and so can not give suffering from eczema baby food.

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Article: Prevent baby eczema five kinds of foods not to eat – How to prevent baby eczema


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